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About us

Queen Tantra is a relaxation and massage studio located in the centre of Bratislava dedicated to surprising its clients every day by unique tantra massages including the massages of intimate body parts for men, women and couples. Let our tantra ladies set you free from your everyday stress.



Basic program for beginners who might not know what to expect. Our tantra lady performs the massage in her dressing gown, by her hands only. A sweet finish of the massage is the lingam massage.

30 min.80 €70 €
45 min.90 €80 €
60 min.120 €110 €

Body to Body

The massage by hands is the basis of this program. However, as is apparent from the title, the masseuse later uses the “body to body” technique, slowly sliding with her naked, oiled body against the client's body.

30 min.100 €90 €
45 min.120 €110 €
60 min.130 €120 €

Vzájomná masáž - Queen tantra

Mutual Massage

Join in to the massage. The massage is performed using the “body to body” technique and the tantra lady gets you involved in the massages, so you can put your hand to the work. 

30 min.140 €130 €
45 min.160 €150 €
60 min.170 €160 €

Foot Massage

Special massage for special gentlemen. This is a basic massage with lingam massage performed by foot.

45 min.150 €140 €

Sweet Shower

Let the tantra lady guide you to a fragrant shower and wash away your everyday stress. By gentle mutual touches and the “body to body” technique, you will achieve maximum relaxation. 

60 min.190 €180 €
90 min.210 €200 €
120 min.230 €220 €

Sensual Massage

Are you bored and would like to try something new and unknown? Try the orgasm stimulating prostate massage. Let the masseuse find your male G spot. The massage is intensified by the “body to body” technique with mutual touches and the simultaneous lingam and prostate massage. 

60 min.200 €180 €
90 min.220 €200 €

King’s Massage

Massage for demanding men who like to feel special and love luxury. A bottle of wine/sparkling wine and fruit with melted chocolate will be waiting for you on the table. Our tantra lady will keep you company in the shower and lead you to the massage room, where the mutual massage takes place. This program is special by the fact that you will get to experience the lingam massage twice - both before and after the massage. 

60 min.270 €250 €
90 min.300 €280 €
120 min.330 €310 €

Four Hands Massages

Double body

Do you love company? Enjoy a double dose of care. The masseuses apply the “body to body” technique and the lingam massage is a matter of course. 

60 min.240 €220 €
90 min.270 €250 €
120 min.300 €280 €

Double king

Like in heaven ... A bottle of wine/sparkling wine, two tantra ladies, joint shower, lingam massage, gentle mutual massage with hot oil, body to body massage and another lingam massage. This is the succession you will experience with us. 

90 min.350 €330 €
120 min.380 €360 €
150 min.410 €390 €

Couples Massage

Massage for the couples who want to experience a tantric high together. A bottle of wine/sparkling wine and fresh fruit with melted chocolate will be waiting for you on the table. Then you continue with hot shower. For the whole time, we will be drawing you into a magic mood. You will feel the pleasant atmosphere created by the dimmed light and candles. There will be two tantra ladies waiting for you in the massage room to guide you. The lingam and yoni massage is a matter of course. 

90 min.350 €330 €
120 min.380 €360 €
150 min.410 €390 €

Our masseuses


Vek: 19, Výška: 159 cm, Prsia: D


Vek: 23 , Výška: 175 cm , Prsia: B


Vek: 25, Výška: 170 cm, Poprsie: C


Vek: 20, Výška: 161 cm, Poprsie: B


Salon Rules

  1. We do not provide sexual services and it is forbidden to touch the masseuse’s intimate body parts.
  2. The massage time starts in the shower.
  3. We do not have a payment terminal and cash is accepted in form of voluntary donation.
  4. By making the booking, you agree to these terms and conditions.


We accept booking by phone or through the contact form. Should you have any questions, feel free to message us.

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Queen tantra
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10:00 - 22:00